National Water Protest - Sat 11 October 2 PM - Garden of Remembrance Parnell Sq Dublin

11/10/2014 - 14:00

All over the country people are resisting the installation of water meters come to the protest to show your opposition to these unjust charges.

Event Date: October 11, 2014 - 14:00

Venue Details: Garden of Remembrance Parnell Square Dublin


Right to Water Protest

Do not Return Irish Water Form- People Power can beat them

Irish Water has sent you an ‘application pack’ and they want you to fill in details about your household, including your PPS number. Don't engage. People power can beat them.

There are two purposes to these packs:

1) It is an information gathering exercise so they can charge you for using water.

2) They want you to accept water charges. You will be asked to declare that you are a customer of Irish Water. In other words, to give up your right as a citizen to water – and start paying.

The average per household charge will be €278 a year. But the charges will rise after that. One former ESRI economist from has estimated that it will eventually be €600 a year.

We can stop these charges if we come together and resist. In the 1990s, the government tried to impose water charges on domestic users. They were met with mass protests and were forced to retreat. People power defeated the water charges then. We can do the same today.

We would urge you, therefore, not to fill in the form. You could send it back to Irish Water unopened or place it in your bin or simply ignore it. At the very least, hold off signing for the moment to see if a major campaign gets going.

Don’t let Irish Water or the government scare or bully you.

* You cannot be jailed or fined for refusing to co-operate with Irish Water.

* They cannot automatically take the water charge out of your wage packet or your social welfare because it is not a tax that the Revenue Commissioners control.

Resistance to Irish Water has taken in hold in many estates that have been protesting.

There is a massive national demonstration on October 11th at 2pm, stating at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin.

If you want to fight the water charges locally and nationally join us!

High Court Shows Class Bias

The Greyhound Waste Company has gotten an injunction from the High Court to prevent any protestor interfering with their business.

In the words of the judge, ‘it is an injunction against the world’.

Greyhound is trying to reduce the wages of its drivers by 35%, in one of the most audacious attacks on organised workers.

The unions need to respond vigorously to this blatant example of legal class bias.



The decision of a High Court judge, David Keane, to grant an injunction to Greyhound against protestors is a blatant example of class bias. In the judge's own words, the order was an 'injunction against the world'. Nobody -whether named or unnamed- is allowed to interfere with the company's business. Greyhound's solicitor said that he wanted an 'effective measure' that copied the Wapping judgement granted against trade unionists during Thatcher's reign. The unions must need to respond strongly. We need to follow the Irish Ferries example in 2005 and have a massive demonstration during working hours in solidarity with the Greyhound workers.

67 people reached

The Attack on Gaza

Richard Boyd Barrett TD for the People Before Profit Alliance has said that the failure of the EU and US to impose sanctions on Israel in response to its “murderous” assault on Gaza, “exposes the utter moral bankruptcy of the western powers.”

Garth Brooks Concerts and Corporate Greed

Garth Brooks fans have been messed around but they should not blame the residents who live near Croke Park.
The real cause of the problem has been naked corporate greed. From the moment the first Garth Brooks concerts were announced you could almost see the dollar signs in the eyes of the concert promoters, Croke Park executives, profiteering hoteliers and greedy restauranteurs and publicans.

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