Garth Brooks Concerts and Corporate Greed

Garth Brooks fans have been messed around but they should not blame the residents who live near Croke Park.
The real cause of the problem has been naked corporate greed. From the moment the first Garth Brooks concerts were announced you could almost see the dollar signs in the eyes of the concert promoters, Croke Park executives, profiteering hoteliers and greedy restauranteurs and publicans.

The Ghost of William Martin Murphy haunts Greyhound

The ghost of William Martin Murphy is haunting Greyhound, one of Dublin’s largest waste collection companies. In one of the most daring attacks on organised workers in recent years, the company’s owners are demanding that workers accept a pay cut of 35 percent.

Breakthrough as PBPA wins 15 council seats

The 2014 local council elections saw a major breakthrough for the People Before Profit Alliance winning 15 council seats – 14 in the South and one in Belfast.

Attacks on the poorest, is this what Labour believes is fair!

by Louise Bayliss, PBPA candidate in Mulhuddart, Dublin

Thursday 15th May was UN Day of the Family. Coincidentally, it was the day the lone parent organisations were invited into the Department of Social Protection to inform then about the impact of cuts to lone parents.

The rationale of the policy introduced by Minister Burton in Budget 2012 was to activate lone parents back into employment. She acknowledged that statistically lone parents, and their children, are the most disadvantaged and poorest in our society and that therefore some drastic changes were needed.

Labour attacks the most vulnerable children through sly SNA cuts

A Department of Education and Skills (DES) circular (0030/2014) from April 2014 outlines further cuts to the level of support for children and teenagers with special needs is outlined.

A shocking aspect of this circular is their intention to remove almost all access to SNAs in secondary school.

Brian Finucane, PBPA candidate from Listowel, Kerry said,

“Ruairi Quinn, Labour’s Minister for Education has once again targeted children with Special Educational Needs, by drastically cutting access to SNAs as well as systematically eroding children’s SNA resource hours”.

PBP local election candidate, originally from Turkey, says authorities responsible for mine tragedy that killed 274 workers

PBP local election candidate, originally from Turkey, holds the authorities responsible for the mine tragedy that killed 274 workers

- Putting profits before workers kills miners
- All responsible people must be brought to justice
- Radical change is needed in regulations to safeguard miners health and safety

The death toll in the Turkish mine tragedy on May 13 has risen to 274. There are many more miners injured and some uncertain number of workers are still trapped in the mine, 2000m below the surface.

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