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Fianna Fail’s Record Of Fraud, Corruption And Attacks On Working People

Fianna Fail (FF) is trying to re-position itself as slightly to the left of Fine Gael. They support the FG government, but try to play at being an opposition who cares for the underprivileged. No [...]


Swimsuits? Let Women Decide

Rent Scandal- Controls Needed Now


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People Before Profit support Psychiatric Nurses in strike action decision

  Drastic measures required due to shortfall in funding and staffing levels People Before Profit fully support the decision of the Psychiatric Nurses Association members to [...]


Irish Housing: Private Developers Cannot Deliver

After the launch of the Irish government’s “Rebuilding Ireland” programme, TV3’s “Tonight with Vincent Browne” on 19 July 2016 discussed the plan and the general issue [...]

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