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People Before Profit Economic Policy


  1. Abolish water charges, property tax and USC for those under €70,000.
  2. Reverse the cuts to social welfare and develop quality public services.
  3. Put Ireland’s natural resources under public ownership.
  4. End Ireland’s role as a tax haven and establish a new development model with state enterprise creating tens of thousands of new jobs in areas including childcare, construction, healthcare, water maintenance and infrastructure, education.
  5. Reverse the post-crash policy of making low and middle income Ireland pay the costs of the crash. Shift the burden onto large corporations and wealthy individuals by:
    •   Making corporations pay a minimum tax on profits on 12.5% by closing loopholes. Raise the rate to 15% over the life of the Dail.
    •   Introduce a Robin Hood Tax on financial speculation.
    •   Introduce higher rates of income tax for those over €100,000. Move towards amaximum income.
    •   Bring the employers contribution to social security up to the EU average for large firms’ overtime.
    •   End the status of tax exiles – make all with an Irish passport pay taxes to the Irish state.
    •   Introduce a special solidarity tax on the vast profits made from sales of commercial property.
    •   Ensure that companies like Apple who benefitted from special treatment pay all their back taxes.
    •   Close loopholes and tax breaks used by the corporate pensions industry

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