People Before Profit Respond To Crumlin Road Attack

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People Before Profit Respond To Crumlin Road Attack

Fiona Ferguson, the People Before Profit representative for North Belfast, has called for “an immediate cessation of all paramilitary actions.” She said:

 “The futility of yesterday’s shooting on the Crumlin Road should be clear to everybody. Nothing can be achieved by carrying out such attacks, and People Before Profit are calling for an immediate cessation of all paramilitary actions.”

 “No amount of rhetoric can hide the fact that armed struggle is a dead end. We urge those involved in these reckless attacks to ask themselves a simple question; what has been achieved? Decades of armed struggle by the Provisional IRA did not end in victory. The much smaller campaign carried out today is even less likely to achieve anything. Needless suffering, and the imprisonment of another generation of people, is all that will result.”

 “Politicians from the establishment parties will que to take turns to condemn this attack. They should do, of course. But their words will ring hollow given the millions of pounds that they are funnelling to paramilitary linked organisations, particularly within Loyalism. So too will the calls from senior PSNI officials to challenge the scourge of paramilitarism; was it not only a few months ago that the BBC aired a damming documentary that showed that a cosy relationship between the PSNI and paramilitaries is still alive and well in the ‘New Northern Ireland’? Plenty of condemnation, therefore, but little consistency from the establishment.”

 “People Before Profit on the other hand are consistent in our approach. We want to see an end to all paramilitarism. Attacks like the one on the Crumlin Road will only reinforce division, and distract from the pressing need for a united movement that will challenge the corruption and austerity of the establishment. It’s time for a different kind of politics.”

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