People Before Profit To Run Two Candidates in West Belfast

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People Before Profit To Run Two Candidates in West Belfast

People Before Profit have today announced that they will be standing two candidates in West Belfast for the upcoming Assembly election. Gerry Carroll MLA will be joined by Michael Collins, a long time PBP activist in the west of the city. Commenting on the announcement, Mr Carroll said:

“This is a once in a lifetime election. The establishment at Stormont has let people down, and people are crying out for an alternative. That is why our branches in West Belfast have decided to field two candidates. We think that we can win two seats. If we do, it will represent an enormous shift in the balance of politics here. It will signal that change is on the way, that people have had enough, and that the big parties can no longer rely on people to vote for them. The old is dying and new is beginning to be born. West Belfast has always done things differently. And this year we can be the spearhead of the rise of a new socialist politics.”

Gerry Carroll MLA welcomed Michael Collins, a local PBP activist, to the slate.

“Michael Collins has been an activist on the ground for PBP in West Belfast for around 10 years. He has spent a great deal of that time knocking doors in the area, speaking to people and campaigning on local issues. I can’t think of anyone better to stand up for the people of West Belfast in this election, to challenge the establishment and fight for an alternative for ordinary people. People Before Profit have made a big impact with just one MLA in this area. Think of the difference we can make with two. I call on people to get behind myself and Michael in this election. Every vote counts.”

Michael Collins added:

“I am honoured to have been chosen by PBP members in the area to represent them in this election. Local people across this city are infuriated at the recent RHI scandal which wasted up to £600million, while people are on the streets homeless, while pensioners are struggling to heat their homes, and workers are being denied a decent pay rise. Having worked closely with Gerry, I know the kind of hard work that is expected of a socialist MLA in West Belfast. We take an average worker’s wage and never go on junkets. We are there to fight on behalf of people, and with people, to help transform this community.”

“The establishment parties are terrified at the idea of PBP taking two seats. They will throw everything at us but the kitchen sink. But people in this community aren’t stupid. They know that they have been let down. And that is why we think we can take two in the west for PBP.”

We are asking people to vote Gerry Carroll 1 & Michael Collins 2 if you’re from the following areas: Andersonstown, Shaws Road, Turf Lodge, Glencolin, Glen Road, Lenadoon, Dunmurray, Ladybrook, Lagmore, Poleglass, Stewartstown, Twinbrook, Mount Eagles, Hannastown,

People from the following areas should vote Michael Collins 1 & Gerry Carroll 2: Falls, Beechmount, Iveagh, Whiterock, Ballymurphy, St James’, Clonard, Divis, Ballygomartin, Forth River, Shankill and Woodvale

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