On the Shankill road, the DUP has been busy telling supporters that People Before Profit are associated with hard line republicans and IRA supporters.

Meanwhile in West Belfast and Foyle, Sinn Fein has been delivering leaflets saying that People Before Profit side with the DUP and support a hard border.

The truth however is that Sinn Fein and the DUP use lies and a fear factor to garner support for their common economic agenda.

Both parties have supported cuts in corporation tax and the removal of 20,000 public sector jobs. Both want to preserve the North status as a low pay economy for many and a paradise for a small millionaire class.

In order to shore up their position, they repeatedly lie about their opponents.

People Before Profit, for example, is totally opposed to a hard border and has suggested that if any attempt is made to create one that it should be resisted through ‘people power’.

The RHI scandal has exposed the depth of corruption that pervades Stormont. Up to £700 million was wasted in a ‘cash for ash’ scandal. This was much needed money that could have been used to cut hospital waiting lists or invest in youth services.

Arlene Foster’s special adviser Andrew Crawford was central to keeping the scheme open just as the disastrous spike in applications was gathering pace. DUP supporters made a fortune from the scheme.

But Sinn Fein was also involved. At best, they turned a blind eye or were totally incompetent in not knowing that their government partners were up to. At worst they were in on the act.

Sinn Fein’s Conor Murphy, for example, stated that he urged the relevant minister to ‘keep the scheme open to allow (late) applications to be completed and thankfully he has now done so’.

The scandal shows why a real alternative is needed to the DUP-Sinn Fein partnership.

People Before Profit wants to

*Stop tax breaks for big corporations

*Public investment to create jobs and provide decent public services.

* Oppose unjust wars and oppression.

*Resist racism and welcome refugees

*Challenge the political establishment in London, Dublin, Belfast and Brussels.

Check our our manifesto here

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