People Before Profit To Stand In East Derry.

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People Before Profit To Stand In East Derry.

People Before Profit has announced Gavin Campbell as its candidate in East Derry. Eamonn McCann says of Gavin:

“I am so pleased that Gavin Campbell has agreed to stand for People Before Profit in East Derry. Gavin is a socialist that works in the community and voluntary sector for a mental health organisation. This role sees him assisting and supporting people with an ill mental health diagnosis through their recovery. He founded ‘Paul’s campaign’, a movement that agitates for specific funding for Sarcoma cancers that currently receive 0% funding despite 100 people a year being diagnosed in the North.

An active member of the UNISON community branch, Gavin has been central to grassroots campaigns in People Before Profit some of these include saving public libraries from reduced hours and job loses, supporting teachers trapped in temporary positions to establish a campaign against discrimination and organising with social housing residents in securing better living conditions. In fact, I remember when Gavin Campbell first got involved in politics – organising protests in 2003 while still in school against the invasion of Iraq.”

Gavin says:

“It is a privilege to stand in East Derry as a People Before Profit Candidate. Last May only half of those eligible to vote in the constituency cast their ballot. This indicates a clear desire for change.

Who can blame people for feeling disillusioned with the political establishment when at Stormont we witness one scandal after other from Red Sky, Research Services Ireland and NAMA to RHI.

Last May the people of the North made a break for the future by electing two socialists to Stormont assembly. We hope to build on that success and transform Stormont with a strong People Before Profit team that will hold the executive to account.

We need radical change to our system, in the twenty years since the signing of the Belfast Agreement Stormont has not delivered for the people.

People Before Profit is the only party capable of providing the platform for that change through grassroots struggle; our role at Stormont is to amplify those struggles. Now is the time to make a change and break the old voting patterns. The Stormont executive has treated ordinary people with contempt. I’m calling on all people in East Derry to use their vote, and send a message to the establishment that enough is enough.

The DUP/SF government has ruthlessly pursued an austerity agenda, from implementing welfare reform to slashing of corporation tax, their policies take straight from the pockets of struggling workers and deliver into the hands of rich corporations.

PBP is neither Orange nor Green. We are socialist. Sinn Fein, DUP or any of the parties of austerity do not serve the interest of working class people. At election time they try to draw the tribal lines but people are not stupid. People Before Profit candidates across Northern Ireland are saying enough is enough. The time for change is now.”

Strike back on March 2nd!  Register to Vote and Vote Campbell #1

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