Gerry Carroll Says; “Britain is a failed state—Time for a socialist Ireland”

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Gerry Carroll Says; “Britain is a failed state—Time for a socialist Ireland”

Theresa May has called a Westminster election. PBP support any exercise in democracy, and we will be throwing ourselves into this campaign.

In a world where decisions are made by fewer and fewer people, any move to allow people a vote should be welcomed.

But we should be clear that for Theresa May, democracy is a play thing. She does not respect it. Calling this election was a cynical move, designed to shore up her own support.

Everything she and the Tories do is cynically thought out. They have no core principles, except supporting the elites and the wealthy.

Theresa May supported remain and the EU, not because she gave a damn about Europe, but because she saw it was a means to strengthen the hand of the British elites.

Theresa May now has changed her position, because she wants to shape Brexit in the interests of the British elites.
But she has a problem. Because the arrogant and undemocratic way the Tories are going about it, is causing people to stand up. People in Scotland are demanding independence. And people here are demanding they have a say over their future.

The Westminster election poses the possibility of ousting the Tories. PBP wish Jeremy Corbyn well. He is a socialist, as are we in PBP, and we can find common ground. Should any of our candidates be elected, we would join with him and others to block the Tories right wing agenda.

We would also demand a veto for the North, Scotland and Wales on any Brexit deal, and call for the North to be treated as a special case that would ensure no return to a hard border.

But this election won’t solve the underlying crisis of the elites. Britain is fast becoming a failed state. And any progressive should welcome its demise.

This election, therefore, is an opportunity to advance a vision of a new Ireland, a different Ireland, a socialist Ireland.

The kind of Ireland that James Connolly stood for; that is not ravaged by inequality and bigotry, but is based instead on unity, anti-sectarianism and an equitable distribution of our resources by and for the people.

PBP will be articulating this vision in the days ahead.

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