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People Before Profit General Election Candidates

Adrienne Wallace

Adrienne Wallace

Adrienne Wallace lives and works in Carlow. She obtained a B.A. Honours degree in Humanities from St Patrick’s College. She became active in politics after witnessing how austerity affected her community and ran in the 2014 by-election where she had a strong showing for a first time candidate. She is active in the Carlow Right2Water group and with Carlow’s Palestine Solidarity group.

Phone: 0874415197

Jim O’Connell

Jim O Connell

Jim O’Connell has worked extensively within the constituency and on a national level on the important issues such as the fight against austerity, the provision and upkeep of decent housing for all and the protection of our environment including the preservation of our natural assets.

He presents to the people of Cork South Central the opportunity to participate in a new form of politics where representation means using the parliamentary institutions for the benefit of people and not for the political class, monopolizing corporations or the exploitative tax evaders.

Jim wants to work with you, not against you as others have done once elected.

Together we can bring about the change we deserve.

# Facebook: Jim PBP Cork

Twitter: @JimPBPCork


# email:

Phone: 086 3556482

Gino Kenny
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Gino has lived in Clondalkin since 1979. He has been politically active over the past twenty years. He first got elected to South Dublin County Council in 2009 and subsequently re-elected in 2014. He works as a part time care worker.

Since his election he has worked tirelessly on the ground on a whole range of issues ranging from Housing, anti racism initiatives, building solidarity for workers rights ,campaigning against the property tax and working with the Clondalkin Equine Club in finding a permanent premises. He has been at the forefront of the anti water charges campaign and is a founding member of Clondalkin Meter Watch. He is the only candidate in Dublin Mid West Constituency who is advocating a boycott against the water charges. If Gino get’s elected he will only take the average industrial wage.

Contact Gino:

Tel: 085 721 1574
Twitter: @Ginosocialist

John Lyons

John Lyons

John joined the People Before Profit Alliance in late 2008 as Ireland was experiencing its first austerity budget having recently bailed out the banks.

Having polled well in the 2011 General Election in Dublin North Central, John was elected to Dublin City Council in May 2014 in the Beaumont-Donaghmede area; involved in campaigns against the cuts to the home help care service, Dublin Bus routes, the attempted sell-off of our forests, the introduction of the household and local property taxes, John believes that the current campaign against the water charges has the potential to transform Irish society away from austerity and toward a fairer, more socially just country that truly puts People Before Profit.

Mobile: 0877729292

Facebook: Cllr John Lyons People Before Profit Alliance

Twitter: @JohnLyons2014



Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan is a People Before Profit councillor who represents the Ballymun ward on Dublin City Council. He has worked as a building worker and stood in the general election in 2011 to highlight the plight of construction families after the collapse of the economy in 2008. A keen environmentalist, he has highlighted the failure of Irish Water to deal with lead pipes. Andrew has been a key activist in the Right2Water campaign in his local area.
E Mail:
Telephone: 0876675895

Brid Smith

Brid Smith

Cllr Bríd Smith (Ballyfermot/Drimnagh) is the voice of people power in Dublin South Central and on Dublin City Council. She has a proud record as a fighter for workers rights and social justice. First female shop steward on the buses; prominent in the Hunger Strike campaigns of the 80’s; solidarity work with the Dunnes stores strikers, the miners and other striking workers; jailed for her resistance to the bin-tax, she also played a leading role in the Home Tax and the Water Charges campaigns. She’s a fighter for women’s rights and against racism and homophobia; an anti war activist and a clean environment campaigner.

Bríd says: Boycott water charges! Cancel the Debt! Tax the Rich! Jail the Bankers! No cuts! Power to the People!

Brid can be contacted at the constiuency office on Sarsfield Road in Ballyfermot (6161003), through FacebookTwitter, or by

Mobile: 0879090166:

Annette Mooney

Annette Mooney

Annette Mooney is a qualified Nurse and a Secondary School Teacher. She is a mother of three children and a committed activist.

‘I am not a ‘conventional politician’. I am a socialist and believe in doing politics differently. I will be working for constituents and building a consensus for change through people power and grassroots organisation’.

My priorities:

Abolish the water charges, the property tax and the USC for incomes under €50,000;

Introduce a public National Health Service;

Shift the tax burden to those earning over €100,000 and make corporations pay a full minimum tax rate of 12.5%;

Introduce proper child care and reverse cuts to lone parents.

If elected, I will take the average industrial wage and donate the rest of my Dáil salary to promoting public awareness in the constituency.


Richard Boyd Barrett

Richard Boyd Barrett

Richard Boyd Barrett is TD for Dun Laoghaire since 2011. Richard has used the last 4 years in the Dail to challenge the government and also, Fianna Fail, on their disgraceful record when it comes to Housing, Health and protecting the most vulnerable in Society.

Richard spearheaded the Right2Water campaign which has posed a major challenge to this government and he continues to campaign for the abolition of these charges. Richard successfully organised a campaign to keep our Forests in Public Ownership.

Richard believes that inequality and injustice in our society should be tackled by introducing wealth taxes and a Financial Transaction Tax rather than taxing people’s homes and water.


Twitter @RBoydBarrett


Phone: (01) 618 3449

Brian Finucane

Brian Finucane

Brian Fiuucane is a factory worker who is an active trade unionist. He helped to set up the Kerry Right2Water group and has organised many protest marches in Listowel. He has campaigned against the closure of rural post offices and the curbs that have been placed on cancer patients getting access to medical cards.


Twitter: @FinucaneBrian



Tel: 087 9864475

Ashling Merriman

Ashling Merriman

Ashling has been living and working in Naas for over twenty years. She has worked in Naas General Hospital for eleven years where she is a union representative. In her job she promotes workers rights, fairness and equality. She wants to see real jobs created not underpaid, forced labour schemes.
Ashling was one of the leading organisers in the original 2,000 strong
Right to Water march in Naas. Ashling continues to co-ordinate activity through
leafleting and local assemblies. She is 100% committed to working with and for the people on local issues and against all the austerity measures that have been inflicted on us. More recently, Ashling has highlighted the terrible housing crisis. She is involved with the Right to Housing Campaign and has taken part in protests at Kildare county council on opening up boarded houses, taking over NAMA properties, introducing rent controls and an increase in rent supplement. Ashling also campaigned against a plan to knock down 44 council houses in Rathangan and replace them with only 22.

Facebook: Ashling Merriman North Kildare

Twitter: @AshAshling


Phone: 0876265371

Gareth Weldon

Garrett Weldon

Garret Weldon, why I am standing,,,,
I am standing because of FEAR.

Fear that our country cannot look after our sick in a medical market place.

Fear that banks are allowed to act in unregulated ways that and create a homeless society, for profit.
Fear that water will be unaffordable to us as it is turned in to a commodity for the rich and powerful to profit from.

But my over whelming fear is that we might not challenge the lack of accountability that exists in modern Ireland today, and up until now, we have let this happen through our inaction.

Eight years of cuts and indirect taxes has served only the super rich and their agendas of wealth grabbing. Family Home (L.P.T) & Water Tax need to be abolished immediately. Austerity Politics have favoured ‘faceless Corporations’ over ‘Sovereign People’.

It is time that ordinary people to assumed responsibility for our own future and faced our collective fears, together.
People before Profit aim to create real solutions so we can live in a fairer society of our own making.
I invite you to gather together and make ‘People Centred Politics’ permanent because if not, apathy, distrust and fear will win the day.
We want a society that is fair & equitable were we look after our weak & vulnerable.
Finally let social progress define within our society what is relevant to our economy. Let’s build financial support systems around local enterprise.
Public Banking systems need to be explored so we can be protected from the aggressive ways of the international banking cartels.
We need to start by supporting our local shops, services and industries to grow a strong local economy so we can all benefit.
Faceless corporate empires always put Profit before People so …..
Please vote for me as an independent candidate for the People Before Profit Alliance. Thank you,,,, Garrett

Contact Garrett
Tel: 086 373 3170
Twitter: @WeldonGPb4P

Tom Moran

t moran official

Tom Moran is a native of Westport and was educated in the local Christian Brothers school. He studied at Kevin Street technical college, Dublin and then went on to the polytechnic in North London, where he learnt his trade as an aviation engineer. He has worked all his life – in Africa, the Middle East, and at home, where he spent 30 years working in the control tower at Shannon Airport.

During his working life he has seen inequality grow and the quality of life of working people eroded away.

I intend to play my part in the fight back of working people. We need to create a society where everyone has equality of esteem and share in our natural resources, both in its lands and in marine environment’.

Phone: 087 291 5013

Eddie Conroy

Eddie Conroy

Eddie Conroy is highlighting the anger and frustration at the neglect of Roscommon by successive governments.

He says ‘Emigration has hit all communities hard. Every town can see poverty, homelessness, deprivation and families being harassed by the banks. In my hometown of Boyle, it is difficult to find a person between 18 and 27. They’ve all been forced away by a disastrous government. Boyle has lost the fish factory, its hotel, 2 banks, its courthouse and the garda station has had its hours much reduced. No government initiative or job creation in over 20 years. This is reflected in every community in Roscommon. We have been abandoned by the establishment parties.’

Contact Eddie:

Twitter: @EddiePBPBoyle

Nigel Gallagher

Nigel Gallagher

My name is Nigel Gallagher and I am 28 years old from Maugherow in Co. Sligo.

I have always had a passion for social justice, however since experiencing the devastating effects of the economic crisis I have become heavily involved in political activism. Many of my friends have been forced to emigrate and those who stayed see little optimism for the future. Poverty and inequality are destroying the social fabric of our society. Meanwhile, wealthy elites continue to increase their fortunes to obscene levels. This is unacceptable to me, and I have a belief and a great hope that a better future is possible and worth fighting for. Voting for me is a vote for grassroots people power, equality and social justice.

Tel: 087 368 5345


Twitter: @NgallagherPbp



Una Dunphy

Una Dunphy

Una Dunphy is the People before Profit candidate for Waterford. She is from Tramore and a teacher of early school leavers in Ballybeg, Waterford. She has been an active Trade Unionist and is currently President of the Waterford Council of Trade Unions. As a lone parent of young children she is acutely aware of the challenges faced by this group. As an activist she is currently involved in the Right 2 Water campaign and Repeal the 8th movement.

Tel: 085 1351058


Twitter: @unadunphy


Sharon Briggs

Sharon Briggs

Sharon was born and raised in Bray. Involved in many local and national campaigns and protests, Sharon has protested on a local level against the Headshops, downgrading of the A&E, rent increases and for the sacking at the time of the county manager Eddie Sheehy.

Sharon has also played a key role in building national movements such as the Right2Water, Right2Housing, and has organized against the sell off of our forests, the property tax, cuts to the buses and the lone parent cuts.

“I am delighted to fight vigorously against all cut backs”. If elected Sharon will only take the average wage.

Tel: 086 3817966


Twitter: Sharon Briggs PBPA

Facebook: Sharon Briggs People Before Profit Bray Candidate Co Wicklow


Anna Doyle

Anna Doyle is the founder of Right 2 Water Wicklow and County Wicklow Meter Watch. She has been standing against water charges and actively fighting against austerity since 2010.

Anna has been helping many homeless families, men and women in County Wicklow. She is demanding an introduction of rental controls and an equalisation of rent allowances across the county.

Anna is a hard working community activist who has been involved with the Oxfam community shop in Wicklow. Anna was also a fundraiser for Wicklow Educate together National school while being vice-chair. Most recently Anna has started the People’s Park Organising Group, whose aim is to bring unity back to the community.

Anna is a member of the national steering committee of People Before Profit.

Twitter anna Trevaskis doyle @annatrevaskisdo
Anna Doyle People Before Profit Election Candidate