Despicable SNIP Report Must Be Rejected

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People Before Profit Alliance says
'Despicable SNIP Report Must Be Rejected'

Report Will Deepen Unemployment Crisis

Vigorous Campaign To Defend Public Services Must Be Launched

The People Before Profits Alliance today condemned the report from An Bord Snip Nua as predictable scapegoating of the public sector.

If the recommendations in this report are implemented public services will be devastated and pensioners, the poor and disadvantaged will see the incomes slashed.

Councillor Joan Collins said “This report was written without any thought for the devastating effect its slash and burn recommendations will have on the lives of ordinary people. Services in schools and hospitals will be slashed. The incomes of the poorest will be slashed. This report targets teachers, health workers, children with special needs, social welfare recipients, medical cardholders and pensioners. These people did not create the economic crisis. When will we have the report which tells us how the rich are going to pay for the mess they created?”

Councillor Richard Boyd Barrett said “If this report is implemented it will set off a deflationary spiral which will deepen the unemployment crisis. Over 17,000 jobs are to go at a time when the state should be leading the drive to create jobs. In its obsession with cutting there no consideration of how the state can play a role in creating jobs which will improve services to the public and provide the housing, schools and hospital which we need so badly.

There is now a crying need for a vigorous campaign to defend public services and the incomes of workers and those dependent on social welfare.

Trade unions, community, campaigning and political groups should now unite to fight for decent public services, a programme of job creations, taxing the wealthy and an end to bailouts for the banks.

The only policy this government has offered is to hit workers, the poor and the disadvantaged. An Bord Snip offers more of the same. Its time to say enough is enough.”