Widespread Campaign of Opposition Must Be Organised now

Following the Breakdown in Talks People Before Profit Says:

  • Attacks On Workers And Social Welfare Recipients Must Be Resisted

  • Widespread Campaign of Opposition Must Be Organised

  • Discredited Union Leaders Should Step Aside

Widespread Campaign of Opposition Must Be Organised.

The People Before Profit Alliance this evening called for a campaign of widespread opposition to government plans to cut public services and pay by €4 billion. If the leaders of the trade union movement will not lead such a campaign they should step aside.

ICTU- utterly discredited

Councillor Richard Boyd Barrett said “There can be no doubt now that this government is determined to make ordinary people pay for a crisis they did not create. Wide-ranging cuts are to be implemented which will see services cut, social welfare cut and the pay of public servants cut. This disastrous and incompetent government’s action will further damage the economy creating more unemployment in the process. These cuts will have a devastating effect on working class communities across the country.

Its now clear we need major investment in job creation. We also need to tax the rich and the wealthy to pay for it. This government has shown no willingness to make those who have millions from the Celtic Tiger pay their fair share.

The leadership of ICTU is utterly discredited. Rather than insist on increased taxation of the rich it has gone along with plans to cut pay and services; their strategy of appeasement and sell-out has been proven a complete failure for workers. It’s now time for a serious campaign including strike action to remove this government. This evening we are calling on union leaders and the Labour Party to declare war on this government. If they are not prepared to lead a campaign to remove this government they should step aside.”


The People Before Profit Alliance will be participating in a number of demonstrations this week against the budget:
  • On Wednesday 9th December a number of organisations are protesting at the Dail throughout the day. We are calling on our supporters to attend at 4.30pm for United Campaign Against Cuts demonstration.
  • Next Saturday will see a major march against the budget starting at 1.00 in Parnell Sq. this is also organised by United Campaign Against Cuts.

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