Capitalism: An Irish Love Story- Time to end this horror story

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To mark the showing of Michaels Moore’s new film Capitalism: A Love Story the People Before Profit Alliance today held a street theatre performance of Capitalism: An Irish Love Story outside the Savoy Cinema in O Connell Street.

Michael Moore’s film shows how the recession has led to a horror story for many American workers and their families. He highlights the issue of home repossessions. He also shows how the banks have been bailed out by the taxpayer. In the film Moore goes into banks asking for the return of the people’s money.

This film will strike a chord with an Irish audience. The Celtic tiger boom enriched a small minority. While the banks behaved totally irresponsibly they are now being bailed out. This is at a time when many people are struggling to pay mortgages and face losing their homes. Many have already lost their jobs. The street theatre featured “Michael Moore” and others looking for our money back from Cowan, Lenihan and their banker and developer friends.

PBP Councillor Joan Collins said at the performance, “The Irish capitalist love affair between Fianna Fail, the developer and the bankers has turned into a horror story. With nearly half a million out of work and thousands of families facing repossession its time for change. We now need a divorce from this system and to replace it with a new one that puts People before Profit”.

Capitalism: An Irish Love Story by People Before Profit Alliance from Paula Geraghty on Vimeo.