Save Our Swimming Pool (SOS)

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Who we are

SOS (Save our Swimming Pool) is a group of concerned residents who oppose the closure of Crumlin Swimming Pool. Dublin City Council unveiled plans to close Crumlin Swimming Pool on 1st January 2010 but following local and political pressure the planned closure is now deferred until June 2010.
We must continue to fight now to secure the long term future of the pool.

“In recent times, the numbers of people using these facilities have fallen consistently” (Quote from DCC)
The facts are:
* Dublin City Council has done nothing to promote use of this pool.
* Despite that, there are over 30 groups who use Crumlin Pool on a weekly basis.
* These groups include a 2 year college course that trains life guards.
* Local schools and youth groups.
* After school programmes that targets “Youth at Risk”.
* Swimming Groups and Snorkelling Groups.
* Children’s Group with special needs.
The pool is open for Public Swimming, but for only 4 hours per week. We believe that more people would use the
pool if Public hours were increased and City Council showed some interest in promoting the pool. We believe that
there is scope for adding additional services I.e. Mother & Toddler Swim, public swimming classes for adults and
children, birthday parties at the pool, water aerobics, Easter & Summer Camps etc.

“The Culture, Recreation, and Amenity Department of Dublin City Council needs to reduce its expenditure by 10.92
million in 2010”
. (Quote from DCC)
The facts are:

Staff currently employed in Crumlin pool will need to be transferred to other pools or departments so
there are no direct labour cost savings made by City Council by closing Crumlin Pool. The pool generated an income
of 79,000 euro in 2009 and we have identified unused hours that could be sold to bring in an additional 33,000 euro
per year leaving a real short fall of just 18,800 euro per year when staff costs are removed. Simply put, that is a cost
of 361 euro per week to provide a Public Swimming Pool for the people of Dublin 12. When you consider the
overall savings that need to be made of 10.92 million 18,800 euro is not by any means a large amount of money. At
a local meeting in the DCC Crumlin office, council staff stated that included in the draft budget for 2010 was the
sum of 100,000 euro to be used to decommission and secure the Crumlin Swimming Pool site. Why can that money
not be used to KEEP THE POOL OPEN?

By contrast, in 2010 Dublin City Council will spend 702,000 euro on Ballymun Leisure Centre, 643,740 euro on
Poppintree Leisure Centre and 636,526 euro on Ballyfermot Leisure Centre. The Deputy City Manager of DCC has
recommended that the ownership/management of Crumlin Pool be transferred to local/community user groups. This
would leave local people and voluntary groups responsible for all costs. Will the city council also ask communities
across Dublin City to take over the running of other Public facilities? Should we now consider handing over our
Public Libraries and Parks to community groups to fund and manage? In Crumlin, the SOS Group is ready and will-
ing to work with Dublin City Council in order to identify new ways of making Crumlin Swimming Pool a success.
While we accept that the pool is getting old and could do with refurbishment or replacement, we also see the pool as
a wonderful community asset. We believe that the pool should be maintained until such time that improved finances
allow for its replacement. Hundreds of pool users agree and we plan to fight for Crumlin’s public facilities for as
long as it takes.

Dublin is European Capital of Sport for 2010 and we celebrate by closing down swimming pools?
Something is not right. We NEED your support to fight this unjust closure.

A Public Meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th April at 7.30pm in the Scouts Hall, St. Agnes Church Car Park.
Elected Representatives from all Political parties will be invited to address the people of Crumlin. We will ask them
to give their full support in order to Keep Crumlin Pool open.

Please come along, show your support and help us defend our community facilities.
Members of our Committee are available on 087 2535193 for further information. Thank You.