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People Before Profit candidate for Mayor, Councillor Brid Smith condemns Dublin Bus’ decision to cut a 150 jobs and attack bus services by taking a further 90 buses off the road. These cuts, on top of the 120 buses that were cut from the fleet last year, will mean that Dublin Bus is operating at levels close to the 1980s. There are now just 970 buses on the road compared to 960 buses operating in 1989.

Brid Smith said:
“This is only the start of the attacks on jobs and services in Dublin Bus. While management claims these cuts will result in a more efficient service, the reality is that these cuts can only lead to poorer service and traffic chaos. Last year when they cut the buses they reduced the running time to squeeze in extra journeys, putting drivers under pressure to make the faster travel times. This led to journeys being dropped.

“These cuts are just the most recent in a long series of attacks on services and jobs in Dublin Bus. The real agenda of the company is to privatise this essential public service and allow private companies to cherry pick the most profitable routes and do away with concept provision to all.

“Just like last year it will be working class areas that will suffer the most as those who depend most on these services will again find that the axe will fall heaviest on their communities.

“The worse thing about these cuts is that they make absolutely no sense. Given the high levels of unemployment in Dublin it is ridiculous to impose these massive job cuts, voluntary or otherwise, on workers who operate such a valuable public service.

“According to the Oireachtas transport committee, we’re supposed to have a target of 80 per cent of Dublin commuters travelling by bus by the end of this year. But how can these targets ever be anything other than a joke when we have one of the lowest public subsidies for bus services in the EU?”

Brid Smith is a People Before Profit Councillor for Ballyfermot /Drimnagh and the People Before Profit candidate in the upcoming Dublin Mayoral Elections.

For confirmation / interview: Brid Smith 087- 909 0166