The people need a new direction, not a new FF leader


A new leader of Fianna Fáil will make no difference to the country. The people need a new direction, not a new FF leader, says United Left Alliance candidate, Annette Mooney
Dublin South East election candidate, Annette Mooney, of People Before Profit, says a change of leader for Fianna Fail will mean nothing to the people of the country.

Above: Annette pictured with MEP Joe Higgins & Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett

“After hearing Micheal Martin on the radio this morning, where he said he agreed with the policy direction in which Brian Cowen has led this country, it is clear more than ever that what the country needs is a radical shift in direction not just a new leader of Fianna Fáil.”
Minister Martin said the only problem with Cowen’s leadership was that he had communicated the party message badly.
“He was saying the message itself was not at fault. Well the message we have for him is that we have huge problems with the Fianna Fáil policies that have driven this country into the ground, and destroyed the hopes and plans of thousands of its citizens.
“Whoever any new leader is will make no real difference. No matter what happens at tonight’s Fianna Fáil meeting it will be FF business as usual - tomorrow and the next day and the next day until we get a change of Government.”
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