People Before Profit in the Media

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Cllr Joan Collins on RTE's Frontine, 21/02/11 (Begins at 21mins 30 secs)

Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett debates Pat Rabbitte on RTE's Prime Time Education Special, 16/02/11

Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett debates Pat Rabbitte on RTE's The Week in Politics (@26 mins 38 seconds), 06/02/11

Richard Boyd Barrett (Candidate, Dun Laoghaire) on Vincent Browne Show 02/02/11

Cllr Joan Collins confronts Bertie Ahern (FF) on RTE 9 News 27/01/2011

Cllr Joan Collins (PBPA Candidate Dublin South Central) on Vincent Browne's Show 19/01/11

Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett (PBPA Candidate Dun Laoghaire) on RTE's Frontline 17/01/11


Irish Times 17/02/11: Harry McGee join's People Before Profit Alliance's Joan Collins out canvassing

Irish Times 16/02/11: People Before Profit Alliance Energy & Natural Resources Document Launch

Irish Times 11/02/11: People Before Profit Alliance Health Plan Launch

Irish Times 04/02/11: People Before Profit Alliance Election Campaign Launch

Irish Times 27/01/11: Joan Collins (People Before Profit Dublin Sth Central) confronts Bertie Ahern outside Dail report

Irish Times, 24/01/11: United Left Alliance Press Conference on Finance Bill

Irish Times, 15/01/11: United Left Alliance to field at least 18 candidates in general election


Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett on RTE Radio 1 This Week Show, 21/02/11

Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett on Newstalk 106 FM's Coleman at Large 01/02/11

RTE Radio Liveline discussion on Cllr Joan Collins (People Before Profit) confronting Bertie Ahern outside Dail 27/01/2011

ULA Press Conference on Finance Bill featuring Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett & Cllr Gino Kenny, News at One 24/01/11

Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett (United Left Alliance/PBPA) on Today with Pat Kenny Show 20/01/11