General Election 2011: Vote People Before Profit/ United Left Alliance

Hi all,
The Dail has been dissolved and the Government has set Friday 25th February as the date for the General Election.
The past few weeks have seen the People Before Profit & the United Left Alliance emerge as a serious force in Irish politics, with Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett, Cllr Joan Collins and Joe Higgins MEP featuring in many of the major media debates in the run up to the announcement of the election.The election is a major opportunity for the left in Ireland and there is huge possibility to return a large number of seats for the ULA

We are urging our supporters to come out and give a hand in their area.
If you are in a position to help out, please TEXT or ring 086 90 90 166. Any help would be really appreciated.

The People Before Profit Alliance is running 9 candidates:
Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett, Dun Laoghaire
Cllr Joan Collins, Dublin South Central
Cllr Gino Kenny, Dublin Mid West
John Lyons, Dublin North Central
Andrew Keegan. Dublin North West
Ann Foley, Cork North West
Nicola Curry, Dublin South
Annette Mooney, Dublin South East
Seamus O'Brien, Wexford

A wider list of all ULA candidates is available at
Finally, keep up to date with People Before Profit during the elections on our



Many thanks