People Before Profit welcomes Belfast Clinic provision of legal abortion

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People Before Profit welcomes the opening of a Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast which will give women in Northern Ireland easier access to legal abortion. We wish to express our support and solidarity with those who have worked tirelessly for many years to bring this about. People before Profit supports the right of all women, North and South to access free, safe and legal abortion.

People Before Profit Cllr. Brid Smith (Ballyfermot) said: “This is an historic day. For the first time ever abortion services will be legally offered on the island of Ireland. It will mean that women across the island will have much easier access to legal abortion, rather than having to raise additional funds for travel and accommodation to Britain. While politicians continue with their delaying tactics 12 women leave this state every day to obtain abortions abroad. The failure of the Irish state not only criminalises Irish women, it also discriminates against working class women who struggle to get the necessary funds together.”

Ailbhe Smyth, Convenor of the People Before Profit Alliance said: “The opening of the Belfast clinic serves to highlight the hypocrisy and shameful inaction of Irish politicians on abortion. It is incredible that twenty years after the X case Irish women are still waiting for their constitutional right to abortion provision (when their lives are in danger) here in Ireland. Today is a small step forward in the fight for free, safe and legal abortion in Ireland, North and South, and for a change, it is a step in the right direction.”