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Bills from Irish Water have started to arrive. The first 37,000 have gone to residents in Donegal, Navan and Gorey and the rest of the county will receive them in the next two months.


The Fine Gael-Labour government had hoped that the anti-water charges campaign had gone away. But tens of thousands of people know that we have to keep the fight up until we abolish the charges. If we don’t, any future government could push up the price of water and prepare the way for eventual privatisation.


This weekend the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis meets in Derry and the party’s policies will come under close scrutiny. But one area in particular needs close attention its role in implementing austerity in the North.


In 2014, the government was forced to backtrack on water charges by the sheer numbers who came out on street protests. But they are playing a longer game and are not giving up on their wider plans to make us pay for - and eventually privatise – water.

One sign of this is the continuing battles over the installation of water meters. The mainstream media may not be reporting it but Irish Water is still trying to impose meters on unwilling ‘customers’.

Deadline for Motions changed to 1st October 2012



In order to give members more time to submit motions the deadline has been extended to Monday 1st October 2012.

Please submit motions to and cc them to


People Before Profit National Meeting

Cassidys Hotel Parnell Square Dublin

Sunday 14th October 1PM to 5PM

Registration will be begin in the hotel at 12.30


The People Before Profit Alliance will hold a National Meeting for all members and branches (details listed above) to organise for the challenges facing us over the coming year.

The austerity that the government intends imposing on the people of Ireland will be its most severe to date. In every area, in every community and workplace there are vicious attacks being launched on our living standards. We want to be able to meet these challenges and to build a wide response from those groups and workers who want to fight back. The meeting will focus on crisis and how we can best organise to resist the cuts imposed as a result of the bank bail out and Troika dictats.

The Steering Group of PBPA are proposing the following agenda.

National Meeting Sun 14/10/2012 Cassidys Hotel Parnell Square Dublin

People Before Profit National Meeting

Cassidys Hotel Parnell Square Dublin

Sunday 14th October 1PM to 5PM

Registration will be begin in the hotel at 12.30

Download PDF:

Appeal by Richard Boyd Barrett and Joan Collins for support for the by-election campaign in Dublin West

There is now just a week to go in this crucial election campaign.  We have  a real chance to win this election for the ULA,  causing a major shock and really putting the ULA on the map.  We are appealing to all PBPA members and supporters to do everything you can to help out in the next week.  If you do not feel confident canvassing there is plenty of leafleting to be done.

Urgent reminder: Enough! Protest tomorrow 2pm, Parnell Sq Dublin


Urgent reminder:

Enough! Protest: Stop the IMF Cuts to Jobs & Services-

Tomorrow, 16th July, 2pm, Parnell Sq Dublin 1

Please support


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