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2014 Local Election Candidates

The People Before Profit Alliance is fielding a strong national alternative to the policies of austerity in the local elections. The candidates we have selected so far are listed below. We are proud to say that we have the highest proportion of women candidates of any party.

2014 Local Election Candidates


Richard Boyd Barrett TD speaking in the Dail:

Elected Representatives

United Left Alliance

Who are the United Left Alliance (ULA)?

We are an alliance of left wing groups, including the People Before Profit Alliance and individuals who came together for the General Election 2011.

The Alliance is opposed to the governments’ bailouts and the slash and burn policies which are only making the crisis worse. In the general election we aim to provide a real alternative to the establishment parties as well as Labour and Sinn Fein, who also accept the capitalist market and refuse to rule out coalition with right wing parties. The approach of a Fine Gael / Labour government in power would not be fundamentally different than this government.

The ULA stood candidates including Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett (PBPA), Cllr Joan Collins (PBPA), MEP Joe Higgins (SP) & Cllr Seamus Healy (TWUG) throughout the country and all the above were elected.

Love Music Hate Racism

As long as there are elements of our society that continue to promote anger by the scapegoating and targeting immigrants including migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers or even students, we need to work to expose these myths and challenge racist ideas.


Love Music Hate Racism Ireland wants to promote racial integration and education through musically orientated events, public meetings, workshops, and most importantly by working together with different communities to address the issues they find important. We will be putting on events across the country ranging from open mike and acoustic sessions, to gigs with full bands and DJs, targeting music of all tastes, cultures and genres. We will also incorporate art, sport and family events into this work.

We aim to have a network of support for each and every person involved in LMHR across the county and we encourage you to make suggestions and to put on your own events and start your own groups with help from this network.




 Local Rep: Mark Fitzsimmons

 Constituency: Dundalk

 Mobile: Mark: 0876350177

In support of Travellers’ rights.

On 17 April an Oireachtas committee recommended that Travellers be recognised as an ethnic minority.
The Joint Committee on Justice and Equality said “it is no longer tenable for this State to deny Traveller ethnicity” and that it is “long past time for this State to honour our responsibilities to the international conventions on human rights”.

Seanie Walks: What a Surprise!

23 May Make Them Pay!

The acquittal of Seanie FitzPatrick on all charges comes as no surprise, especially as Judge Martin Nolan virtually directed his acquittal in his summing up last week.

For the Irish state it is, of course, business a usual or perhaps we should say ‘par for the course’.

People Before Profit Alliance has highest percentage (40%) of women candidates

40% of candidates are women

The People Before Profit Alliance has the highest percentage of women candidates of any political party running in the 2014 local elections with 17 women from around the country contesting the local elections. In addition, Cllr. Bríd Smith is also the People Before Profit candidate for Dublin in the European Election.

Are they planning more health cuts?

If you google ‘HSE overspend’ you will immediately see a long list of media reports of projected overspending by the HSE going back over several years. The latest was in yesterday’s Irish Times which announced

The Health Service Executive has told the Government that in a worst-case scenario its financial deficit for this year could be close to €300 million, significantly higher than previously stated. (Irish Times, 14.4.2014)

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