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Following the registration of three candidates representing People Before Profit Alliance in Donegal on Tuesday, a call has been made for Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin and Independents to “put their money where their mouth is”.

Clondalkin residents join the battle against water meters

Over 40 residents in Rowlagh Estate, Neilstown, joined a street meeting on Monday evening to discuss the response to water metering in the estate. Last week Irish Water had informed residents that metering will begin in the next few weeks.
In response People Before Profit Alliance Councillor Gino Kenny called a street meeting on a green area in the middle of the estate.

Teachers Heckle Minister! Shock! Horror!

The grip of the establishment on RTE was seldom so graphically on display as in its reaction today to the heckling of Ruairi Quinn by teachers at the ASTI conference yesterday.

I mean cuts to teachers’ pay, cuts in education spending, cuts to DEIS schools, cuts of SNAs, increased student fees – they’re just par for the course. These are hard times, there is no alternative, we all have to make sacrifices and all that. But heckling a minister that’s really out of order!

500 Homeless Children and Parents Living in Hotels

By Michael Wallace

More than 500 homeless children and parents are being forced to live in hotels while the FG/Labour government stokes up another housing bubble, gloats about it and encourages property speculators to make millions.
According to the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive, local authorities are now using hotels as a last resort to avoid the horrendous prospect of families ending up sleeping on the streets.

In support of Travellers’ rights.

On 17 April an Oireachtas committee recommended that Travellers be recognised as an ethnic minority.
The Joint Committee on Justice and Equality said “it is no longer tenable for this State to deny Traveller ethnicity” and that it is “long past time for this State to honour our responsibilities to the international conventions on human rights”.

Seanie Walks: What a Surprise!

23 May Make Them Pay!

The acquittal of Seanie FitzPatrick on all charges comes as no surprise, especially as Judge Martin Nolan virtually directed his acquittal in his summing up last week.

For the Irish state it is, of course, business a usual or perhaps we should say ‘par for the course’.

People Before Profit Alliance has highest percentage (40%) of women candidates

40% of candidates are women

The People Before Profit Alliance has the highest percentage of women candidates of any political party running in the 2014 local elections with 17 women from around the country contesting the local elections. In addition, Cllr. Bríd Smith is also the People Before Profit candidate for Dublin in the European Election.

Are they planning more health cuts?

If you google ‘HSE overspend’ you will immediately see a long list of media reports of projected overspending by the HSE going back over several years. The latest was in yesterday’s Irish Times which announced

The Health Service Executive has told the Government that in a worst-case scenario its financial deficit for this year could be close to €300 million, significantly higher than previously stated. (Irish Times, 14.4.2014)

People Before Profit commends people of midlands for marching against giant wind turbine plans

Midlands wind farms or Dublin Bay plans have nothing to do with tackling climate change and everything to do with corporate grab of natural resources
In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, People Before Profit TD, commended communities from the midlands region for marching to the Dail today in opposition to plans to site thousands of giant wind turbines across a number of midland counties.

The Climate Change Catastrophe – What Needs to Be Done

In its recently published report the United Nations panel on climate change has confirmed what climate change activists and People Before Profit have been saying for years; namely that global greenhouse gas emissions have risen to unprecedented levels and that a massive shift from fossil fuels to renewables (solar/ tidal/ wind power) is needed to limit global warming..

The report say that man-made greenhouse gas emissions grew more quickly in the

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