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Brid Smith (Dublin South Central: Ballyfermot)

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 Local Rep: Cllr Brid Smith

 Constituency: Ballyfermot

 Mobile: +353(0)87 909 0166

Bernadette McAliskey endorses Brid Smith, Dublin Euro candidate

Election campaigns aren’t supposed be horse races where you put your money on the horse most likely to cross the line first, and keep your fingers crossed. They are your opportunity to change the nature of politics. People before Profit are a class campaign. Brid Smith is a class candidate. She is not seeking to be another career politician. She is campaigning, organising and building for a Republic where people matter more than greed, profits and property. The very smallest thing you can do to effect change is vote for Brid Smith.

People Before Profit name Cllr Brid Smith as Dublin European election candidate

Brid Smith, an elected Dublin City councilor (Ballyfermot/Drimnagh ward)
will run as the People Before Profit candidate in the Dublin constituency
for next year’s European elections. Smith is a long-standing campaigner
and trade union activist in Unite Trade Union who has played a leading role
in struggles against the bin charges, the property tax and water charges

Commenting today Cllr Smith said:
“I am very pleased to announce that I will be running as People Before Profit’s
Dublin candidate for the European elections as part of the fight to build a new

Ballyfermot PBP branch meeting

02/07/2013 - 20:00
02/07/2013 - 22:00

Ballyfermot PBP branch meeting
8pm 2nd July in the PBP office, 4 Sarsfield Terrace, Ballyfermot

Drimnagh PBP meeting: 'Why Ireland is a tax haven' by Kieran Allen, UCD lecturer

24/06/2013 - 20:00
24/06/2013 - 22:00

Drimnagh PBP meeting: 'Why Ireland is a tax haven' by Kieran Allen, UCD lecturer
8pm Monday 24 June, The Bosco Centre, Davitt Road, Drimnagh

21/05/13 Ballyfermot PBP meeting with Cllr Brid Smith 'Where now after the property tax' 8pm PBP office Ballyfermot

21/05/2013 - 20:00
21/05/2013 - 21:30

PBP meeting with Cllr Brid Smith 'Where now after the property tax' 8pm PBP office 4 Sarsfield Tce, D10

27/05/13 Drimnagh PBP meeting on Irelands Natural Resources. Bosco Centre 8pm

27/05/2013 - 20:00
27/05/2013 - 21:30

Irelands Natural Resources with the emphasis on the success of Save our Forests Campaign, introduced by Cllr Melissa Halpin
Details Venue - Bosco Centre at 8 pm


The Rowan Unit in Cherry Orchard Hospital in Ballyfermot is to close its doors to HIV/AIDS sufferers after over 25 years of respite service provision to clients from all over Ireland.
As a Respite Unit for AIDS patients, the Rowan Unit is unique in this country and provides essential care and recovery for dozens of AIDS sufferers, including three long stay patients.

Last year the HSE indicated that the closure of Rowan Ward was imminent, in a cost cutting plan. But they were forced by public opposition and opposition of patients and staff to conduct a full review of the service provided in Cherry Orchard to this group of clients. The Review recently published has been approved by Minister Roisin Shortall and involves moving the Respite Care of HIV/AIDS into the Homeless Services.

Plans are being implemented to shift the service to Simon in Ushers Island in the City. It is reported that eight respite beds will be provided  and that  the three long stay patients in Cherry Orchard will be moved to other wards in that hospital.

But the patients themselves who depend on the respite provided in Cherry Orchard have had no formal communications,  have not been consulted about their needs and have persistently requested meetings about this issue. They have received no response from the HSE and hospital management. They have been told that the Rowan Unit will close in a couple of weeks but are not given a date. They have been told by management in Simon that building work is being carried out on providing them with an alternative unit for respite but nobody is willing or able to meet with the group to offer assurance that their health needs will be fully met in the Homeless Services. These patients can often become chronically ill and need a hospital environment to have their health needs met fully.

Some but not all of the patients are homeless and yet all are being moved into the Homeless Services. 

Dublin City Councillor condemns legalised extortion by waste company.

Councillor Brid Smith, People Before Profit has condemned ‘the legalised extortion’ of a €100 standing charge being imposed by Greyhound for waste collection in the Dublin City Council area.

On Friday Dublin Corporation binmen collected the city's waste for the last time as The Greyhound Company takes over the service from today.

Cllr Brid Smith has expressed grave concerns over three aspects of the new arrangement:

1. Information on the exact financial arrangement between Dublin City Council and Greyhound are being withheld from elected representatives. Under the guise of ‘commercial sensitivity’ an insidious form of censorship has been imposed. But the people of Dublin have every right to scrutinise arrangements made with private companies. What right do unelected city managers have to do deals without public transparency’

2. Dublin City Council has given Greyhound the right to pursue people who owe the council money for waste charges. No information has been provided on how much money will go back to the council or what cut Greyhound will get. Instead a private company has been given the right to harass people who are already stressed out by huge bills.

3. The workers of Dublin City Council – who have given loyal service over the years have been treated in a disgraceful manner. They have been given no guarantees about their earnings – but have been told to turn up each morning this week like ‘spailpin fanachs” to find out where they will be working. This is no way to treat workers in the 21st century.

Protest against Privatisation of Bin Service


At the Monday November 7th meeting of Dublin City Council, Cllr Brid Smith of the People Before Profit Alliance moved the following resolution:
‘In light of the clear anti democratic Executive function afforded to management to privatise the bin collection service, despite three majority votes of the elected members to maintain the service in public hands, this Council calls on the current Government to repeal Section 4 of the Waste Management (Amendment) Act 2001 which provides that the making of a waste management plan will become an executive (management) function, a change from the Waste Management Act 1996, where the power was a reserved (elected member) function.’

A protest took place outside the council and was addressed by People Before Profit's Cllr Brid Smith, Cllr Pat Dunne and Joan Collins TD.


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