Brid Smith

People Before Profit condemns attack on local authority tenants.

Brid Smith (Dublin South Central: Ballyfermot)

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 Local Rep: Cllr Brid Smith

 Constituency: Ballyfermot

 Mobile: +353(0)87 909 0166

Cllr Brid Smith shocked by Sinn Fein's Response to Dublin City Council Budget:

Bernadette McAliskey endorses Brid Smith, Dublin Euro candidate

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Election campaigns aren’t supposed be horse races where you put your money on the horse most likely to cross the line first, and keep your fingers crossed. They are your opportunity to change the nature of politics. People before Profit are a class campaign. Brid Smith is a class candidate. She is not seeking to be another career politician. She is campaigning, organising and building for a Republic where people matter more than greed, profits and property. The very smallest thing you can do to effect change is vote for Brid Smith.

People Before Profit name Cllr Brid Smith as Dublin European election candidate

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Brid Smith, an elected Dublin City councilor (Ballyfermot/Drimnagh ward)
will run as the People Before Profit candidate in the Dublin constituency
for next year’s European elections. Smith is a long-standing campaigner
and trade union activist in Unite Trade Union who has played a leading role
in struggles against the bin charges, the property tax and water charges

Commenting today Cllr Smith said:
“I am very pleased to announce that I will be running as People Before Profit’s
Dublin candidate for the European elections as part of the fight to build a new

Dublin City Councillor condemns legalised extortion by waste company.
Protest against Privatisation of Bin Service Nov 7th
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