United Left Alliance

United Left Alliance

Who are the United Left Alliance (ULA)?

We are an alliance of left wing groups, including the People Before Profit Alliance and individuals who came together for the General Election 2011.

The Alliance is opposed to the governments’ bailouts and the slash and burn policies which are only making the crisis worse. In the general election we aim to provide a real alternative to the establishment parties as well as Labour and Sinn Fein, who also accept the capitalist market and refuse to rule out coalition with right wing parties. The approach of a Fine Gael / Labour government in power would not be fundamentally different than this government.

The ULA stood candidates including Cllr Richard Boyd Barrett (PBPA), Cllr Joan Collins (PBPA), MEP Joe Higgins (SP) & Cllr Seamus Healy (TWUG) throughout the country and all the above were elected.

20/02/13 PBP Bray Public Meeting: THE HORRIBLE HISTORY OF THE IMF 8pm Strand Hotel, Bray

20/02/2013 - 20:00
20/02/2013 - 21:30

The next monthly meeting of PBP Bray


In a statement the United Left Alliance (ULA) has said that it fully supports the petition launched by Thomas Pringle TD and the Dail Technical group seeking a referendum on the proposed new inter-governmental fiscal treaty agreed on Monday by 25 EU leaders.


United Left Alliance Budget Statement December 2011

Austerity Is Not Working: Tax The Rich, Invest In Jobs
Next weeks budget will see further drastic cuts in the living standards of workers, the unemployed and the poor. Since the onset of the crisis in 2008 government policy has focused on bailing out banks and speculators and making the working class pick up the bill.

Hardly a cent has been taken from those who have the real wealth in society. The effect of this policy has been lengthening dole queues and impoverishment with rising inequality in a society that was already deeply unequal. The wealth of the super-rich has increased throughout the crises. Despite promising otherwise the Labour party in government is continuing with the programme of austerity at
the behest of the EU, the IMF and the ECB. While govelling to the super-rich tax-exiles, by inviting them to the Farmleigh Conference, Labour Ministers are imposing hardship on pensioners and the poor by removing heating units and cutting benefits. Labour has caved in to the demands of the markets.
The only way out of the current crises is to generate real economic activity and create jobs. The policy of austerity has been a disaster for ordinary people and has been a total failure.

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United Left Alliance calls for 'No' vote in Dáil Inquiries Constitutional Referendum

United Left Alliance calls for a 'Yes' vote on Judge's Pay referendum
but reiterates call for salary cap for senior public servants

The United Left Alliance TDs, Richard Boyd Barrett, Joan Collins, Clare Daly, Seamus Healy and Joe Higgins are calling for a 'No' vote in next week's Dáil Inquiries Referendum


United Left Alliance Dublin West Bye-Election Launch

Speaking at the launch of the alliance’s byelection campaign in Dublin West, for Socialist Party/ULA candidate Cllr Ruth Coppinger, United Left Alliance TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, claimed the Government had quickly learned the arts of “spin and disingenuity” to cover up its true agenda of cuts. Hospital emergency departments were being closed in the name of “health and safety”, council housing was being phased out ostensibly in favour of voluntary housing and it was “the same” with the comprehensive spending review, he said.

The United Left Alliance Candidate, Cllr Ruth Coppinger (centre), pictured with  People Before Profit/ULA's Richard Boyd Barrett TD

& Joan Collins TD and Socialist Party/ULA's Joe Higgins TD & Clare Daly TD at campaign launch today.


Should anyone be in a position to help out on the campaign- get in touch with the United Left Alliance here: contact@unitedleftalliance.org

United Left Alliance National Convention

Building a new party for working people, youth and the unemployed

Saturday 25th June
Liberty Hall

FIANNA FAIL and their cronies in big business have wrecked the country. However Fine Gael and Labour have shown that they represent more of the same. As much as they try to blame the old government for the crisis they are responsible for continuing the disastrous bailouts and have promised further unfair taxes, privatisations and cuts in jobs and public
THE UNITED Left Alliance which was launched last November made a significant breakthrough with five TDs elected in February. The attacks of this government and the role of Labour in particular poses more starkly than ever the need for real political representation for ordinary people.
THE GROUPS and individuals who came together to launch the ULA are confident that it can grow significantly by both fighting the attacks alongside people in the communities and the workplaces, but also by having policies that respond to the crisis and not at our expense!
THE ULA National Convention will discuss developing those ideas and policies but also the next steps in turning the ULA into a new mass working class party.
Download the programme of the forum below, as attachment.
For more info contact Kieran on 0872839964 or Michael on 087 2400331

Latest United Left Alliance Public Meetings

22 June


Joan Collins TD PBP
Cllr Ruth Coppinger SP
Martin Grehan SWP
Glenroyal Hotel 8pm
22 June
Michael O’Brien SP
Cllr Brid Smith PBP
Granville Hotel 8pm

Nationwide Meetings of United Left Alliance

Following the breakthrough made by the United Left Alliance (ULA) in the general election which saw the ULA return 5 TDs a number of events have been organised or are being planned in the coming months intended to build the ULA as a national force as a step towards it developing into a new party. Below are a list of meetings planned so far. Further meetings are being planned for Wexford and Gorey later this month & in mid to late May in Dublin North East, Drogheda, Waterford, Dublin Mid West, Galway, Tralee, Dundalk, Celbridge, Ballyfermot, South West Inner City, Dublin North City, Nenagh, Letterkenny

Please note: If your area does not feature and you would like to organise a meeting do get in touch with us. Likewise if you want to assist in building for any of the above meetings in terms of putting up posters/leaflets and you do not know who to contact send us a mail to: editor@peoplebeforeprofit.ie

Programme for Government is a recipe for cuts and austerity

People voted out Fianna Fáil but new government offers more of the same
United Left Alliance will be the radical opposition in the Dáil and will advocate strategy of people power protest against austerity

At today’s press conference (8th March 2011) convened by the United Left Alliance in response to the programme for government agreed by Fine Gael and Labour Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit/ULA TD for Dun Laoghaire said: “The United Left Alliance will be the consistent radical opposition in the Dáil to the Fine Gael/Labour/IMF government. We will use the platform of five Dáil seats to likewise argue for a fundamentally alternative way of organising society in the interests of people before bankers and speculators. We will also use our positions to advocate an active response from working people and the unemployed to the attacks this government want to inflict on them. The United Left Alliance will be active on the ground in the communities, workplaces, schools and colleges building resistance in the form of strikes and people power protests in the months and years ahead. Having made our breakthrough in this election we will go on to build the ULA as a nationally as a mass left alternative to the political establishment.”

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