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Tina MacVeigh Dublin South-West Inner City


 Local Rep: Tina MacVeigh

 Constituency: Dublin South-West Inner City

 Mobile: +353(0)86 87 15 293

 Email: Tina.macveigh@peoplebeforeprofit.ie

 Website: www.tinamacveigh.org

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Rialto PBP branch meeting

24/06/2013 - 20:00
24/06/2013 - 22:00

Rialto PBP meeting: discussing the recently announced boundary changes, the revolts in Brazil and Turkey and organising an upcoming forum on Ireland's natural resources
8pm Monday 24 June, St Andrews Community Centre, Rialto

27/05/13 Rialto PBP meeting on 'Why You Should Protest Against the G8'. 8pm St Andrews Comm Centre

27/05/2013 - 20:00
27/05/2013 - 21:30

Why You Should Protest Against the G8'. 8pm St Andrews Comm Centre

Bus Cuts Protest Dublin South Central

Campaign Meeting Thursday 9th June, 8pm

St Michaels Community Centre

For more info contact: pbpdublin8@gmail.com

Campaign Update
A lively protest and lobby was held outside Catherine Byrne's constituency office on Monday last drawing attention to the cutting of the Number 19 bus service on 12th June next. 

'Save the 19 Bus' campaign was set up stop the cutback to this vital service which brings residents of Bulfin Estate and Rialto along the South Circular Road and Camden St for schools (Griffith Barracks and Synge St), doctors, shopping and the Eye and Ear Hospital.

The campaign group asked the Government T.D. to sign up to the campaign but she was unwilling to do this. 'We are determined to fight this cutback, one of many which this new government is imposing', said Tina MacVeigh, spokesperson for the Save the 19 Bus campaign. 'Many older residents depend on this service and it is a vital link from the southside to the northside. Bus cuts across the city are hitting the most vulnerable and we are determined to save our bus service'.

Pension Plan is a New Attack on the Old

In the final analysis, our government should be judged by the way it treats children and the elderly. Long hospital waiting lists, schools in substandard buildings, high rates of child poverty, cuts to children's allowance, social welfare and pensions, abolishing the bin charges waivers.... The list goes on.

Mary Hanafin’s latest plan to punish pensioners is indeed part of a pattern.

Hanafin’s scheme will:
* Force everyone who is currently under the age of 49 to work until they are 68. No state pension will be provided until this date – so we can starve, beg or work despite tiredness and ill health.
* Reduced state pension for anyone who do not have 30 years of PRSI payments. If you have lived abroad or have been out of work for long periods, you will face difficulties.
* Reduced occupational pension for anyone entering the public sector. Instead of getting a proportion of your final salary, your pension will be brought down by the number of years you spent on lower wages.
* Forced contributions by workers to the private pension industry. Workers will be ‘auto-enrolled’ into an industry that rips them off and uses their savings to speculate and gamble. Even if you withdraw from a scheme, you will be automatically enrolled every two years and if you forget to withdraw within six months you lose your contributions.

Local Area Update February 2010

People Before Profit South West Inner City Branch

Basin Street/Grand Canal Harbour development
Residents in the Basin Street area asked People Before Profit (PBP) to assist them in challenging the extensive development proposed for the Grand Canal Basin. The planning application did not make any provision for social housing or community gain, nor did it include any information on what residents could expect in relation to construction timing, traffic management or environmental impact. Residents in the area feel they were not adequately consulted with by the developers prior to submitting their application. In total six objections were lodged on behalf of resident associations in the area. Residents are now proposing that a working group be established with the support of PBP to prepare for the outcome of the planning process.

Bulfin Estate
A number of issues have arisen in relation to the Bulfin Estate:

Tenants First launch an alternative housing programme

Tenants First has outlined proposals for a public housing strategy to meet the housing crisis.

The report describes current government spend and policy in housing as ‘social welfare for the rich’, including €391m on rent supplement, €169m on tax incentives, €450m on stamp duty loopholes, and €400m unspent in local authority accommodation.

Tina Mac Veigh speaking at Crumlin Hosptial Protest

The government is trying to save €9.6 million in Crumlins Children's hospital resulting in ward closures, cleaning staff being sacked and two theaters being shut down.

Tina MacVeigh is seen speaking here Saturday 23rd May at a protest outside Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin.

Tina is a People Before Profit candidate in the local elections.

Watch the video by clicking HERE

For more info go to:

Tina MacVeigh People Before Profit Election Candidate Budget Protest

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