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Change Gonna Come in West Belfast 2014

Gerry Carroll Announces Candidacy for Belfast City Council Elections

Gerry Carroll has announced that he will be running in West Belfast for election to Belfast City Council next year as part of the People Before Profit Alliance in the Upper Falls/Black Mountain Ward.
Mr Carroll is no stranger to elections, having stood in the 2011 elections for Stormont and Westminster, gaining 1661 and 1751 votes respectively. People Before Profit intend to build on these impressive results, and believe that winning a seat in 2014 is a serious possibility.

G8 counter summit Belfast

16/06/2013 - 10:00
16/06/2013 - 19:30

The G8 are the leaders of the eight richest countries on earth – the USA, Germany, Britain, France, Japan, Canada, Italy, and Russia. This year the G8 summit will take place near Enniskillen on 17 and 18 June.

They will gather to co-ordinate policies for defending privilege and inequality. The G8 and its associates represent the pillar organisations of corporate

Belfast PBP Meeting 17/04/13: How Do We Kill Thatcherism in the 21st Century?

17/04/2013 - 20:00
17/04/2013 - 21:30

How Do We Kill Thatcherism in the 21st Century?
Grosvenor House Glengall Street,Wednesday 17th April at 7pm.
People Before Profit Public Meeting
Speakers ;

Eamonn McCann-Socialist Activist
Fiona Mc Causland-Community worker
Tommy Mc Kearney-Author of Provisionals-From Insurrection to Parliament

Belfast PBP meeting: Defend Housing Executive, No to Bedroom Tax. Tuesday 5th March @7pm Premier Inn , Waring Street, Belfast

05/03/2013 - 20:00
05/03/2013 - 21:30

Hands Off Our Homes

Tuesday 5th March @7pm Premier Inn ,Waring Street

People Before Profit Public Meeting

-No to Bedroom Tax

-Defend Housing Executive

The Government is leading a two pronged attack on people’s homes and the very idea that we are entitled to a basic standard of public housing and support if needs be.

24/01/13 8pm PBP Belfast: Discussion - Can Unionism Deliver for the Protestant Working Class? Premier Inn Waring Street, Belfast

24/01/2013 - 08:00
24/01/2013 - 09:30


Peter Shirlow -Author of 'The End of Ulster Loyalism'

Brian Kelly-'Author of Neoliberal Belfast'

Joe Law-Trade Unionist & Co Founder Trademark NI

Plus More

Much of Belfast has come to a standstill over the past two months at the hands off Loyalists protesting at the reduction of days the Union Jack flies over Belfast City hall.

Gerry Carroll increases vote in West Belfast bye-election

West Belfast bye election People Before Profit candidate Gerry Carroll, polled an impressive 1,751 votes, 7.6%.

Coming in third behind SF and SDLP, it was an increase from the 1,661 votes 4.8% he received at the recent Assembly elections.



On Saturday 16th April as part of the West Belfast Assembly election campaign People before Profit alliance and election candidate Gerry Carroll took their campaign to the streets of the Shankill.


Gerry Carroll stated ‘It’s the same wherever we go, be it the Shankill or the Falls road people are fed up with the politicians in Stormont. Constantly we are hearing on the doors that the politicians are only out for themselves coupled with a deep anger and concern over the cutbacks’.
‘The reception we received on the doors on the Shankill was fantastic .A lot of people agreed with us when they heard we were against all the cutbacks and for taxing the super rich’.
‘Quite a number of people also confirmed that they were giving me their first preference vote on the 5th May, which was great. People are struggling to make ends meet as it is and are desperate for an alternative which will stick up for ordinary people and call for the rich to be taxed and the bankers to pay us back’.
Stormont is united in its support for cuts and attacking public services .People Before Profit is an alternative which unites people across all communities to reject the cuts and form a radical ,fresh kind of politics in Northern Ireland’.
‘At every election, parties stick to their own communities in the North. Unionist parties campaign in ‘Unionist’ areas and Nationalist parties campaign in ‘Nationalist’ areas. People before Profit wants to break that mould .We believe that workers, students, pensioners, unemployed have a common interest to come together to defend our living standards from the onslaught which is coming'


People before Profit candidate for the West Belfast Assembly constituency -Gerry Carroll ,has issued a challenge to DEL Minister Danny Kennedy to a public debate over tuition fees.
‘Coming into the election an issue for many current and potential students as well as their families is the issue of tuition fees’.
‘Minister Kennedy has stated that fees will have to increase to £6,000 a year, this will see the University door slammed in the face of thousands of students’.
‘As a former student and student representative myself I know the difficulties many students already face in University-the ministers plans will see university life get harder as students struggle to pay an outrageous £18,000 for a three year degree.
‘At the moment the only options presented is either higher fees or slashing thousands of jobs in education. In People Before Profit we believe there is an alternative to this unfair and short-sighted vision for education. I want to debate the Minister on that alternative, I believe he has an obligation to debate his plans for education especially at a time when thousands of young people go to the polls ‘.

People before Profit West Belfast Candidate says -‘Vote Yes for Strike Action in NHS’

The already under funded Health service will reach breaking point if the plans outlined in the McKinsey report are implemented, this will see at least 10,000 workers sacked from the Health service in Northern Ireland.


Gerry Carroll Election Candidate West Belfast

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